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take a man's head off with a hundred thousand dollars ; you can cut

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in metropolitan hospitals, see Blyth's "Poisons, their Eftects and Detection,"

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I carefully repeated my exploration; but although I continued to

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rates were, respectively, 25.9 and 23.3; the death-rates,

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the odour of phosphorus. The teeth become affected one after another

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Monkey with Fractured Army— Collar to Prevent It from Tearing off Ban-

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parts of certain preceding acts are repealed : that public vaccinators

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I >i:. Pattee gave a report on therapeutics, and then

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Seamen's Hospital for treatment nine days after the accident.

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period, so far as we can discover, throughout the operation Dr.

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and character of the respirations ; in narcotic poisonings the respira-

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cause of the purulent infection ? This double check, clinical and

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microorganism can often be increased by the preliminary or simultaneous

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reason that those with cavities lived was because they

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fore the members of the class ; later I did the same for the senior

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l'^'^" Fnnr, Eowjuw Litkcto, M.D., 1, Portland Terrace,

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to whose visionary speculations we have already re-

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latter have the pride of caste common to people of this class, their

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not include toxin immunity, which is a very different thing and is

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From the same documents we learn, that of the 1484 idiots, the

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What might in all probability answer well, if placed in healthy rural

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peritoneal cavity. Rousseau and Beauvoisin have proposed to carry out in

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respiratory process was lowered." The oxygen inflow

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make a well pulverized, mellow seed-bed, and to kill all young

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venture to go out. It was at this time that his father

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pool of water, called by the villagers the Black Pool— so called

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also had tetanoid spasms of the neck and arms, which

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bandages from the foot to the elbow, and placing in slings

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with cough, purulent expectoration, fever and diarrhoea. Patient had a

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to come. He points out that while the air of health resorts is comparatively

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other has acute pain darting through his temples and ears, especially when

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of 1877 h] <Ibidem (10-12), pp. 508-510. [W m .]

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were treated with serum by us or under our direction. This was

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technically called, is usually followed by more or less febrile