RevMed is an affiliated division of Credit Bureau of Canada Collections, a privately held Canadian company operating since 1947. Credit Bureau of Canada Collections has been providing 3rd party collection services to the medical industry for over ten (10) years. RevMed is a specialized division of Credit Bureau of Canada Collections entrusted in the management and recovery of our medical debt portfolio. It was formed in early 2007 to isolate a more sensitive Healthcare portfolio from the more aggressive mainstream consumer debt types such as credit cards and telecommunications in an effort provide the highest level of recovery and service satisfaction while reflecting a positive image in the public eye.

RevMed's specialization enables uniform delivery in our collection methodology and increases our sensitivity and attentiveness with the innate nature and circumstance surrounding the recovery process of your debt type. We provide specialized training to all staff entrusted in dealing with your portfolio. Our medical professional clients have always demanded a greater level of professionalism and goodwill and now they can be certain that we will provide the highest level of return without tarnishing their image and good reputation in the community.

We are a federally registered corporation licensed to conduct third party collections and accounts receivable management services in all Canadian provinces and territories. Credit Bureau of Canada Collections is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario but also operates a collection center in Montreal, Quebec, St. Catharines, Ontario and New Westminster, British Columbia. Offices are open during all legal collection hours to accommodate the time zone differences from coast to coast. We are also open on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm and can accommodate opening on Sundays should a client mandate such a request.

RevMed recognizes the importance of maintaining our client's positive image in the community, and we make every effort to uphold your good name. This mandate starts and ends with proper initial training of our clients' mandate, the Collection Agencies Act & Regulations and prohibitive practices, which are all further supported and reinforced by regularly scheduled group and individualized refresh sessions.

In addition to our many innovative and technological advantages such as state of the art dialers and automated skip tracing platforms, a distinct advantage inherent to RevMed is its affiliation with Credit Bureau of Canada Collections Branding. Our trade style name, Credit Bureau of Canada Collections, carries and exerts a tremendous amount of psychological leverage. There is most definitely a portion of customers whose perception of our name alone will cause them to make restitution.